Tributary Storage Director is Qualified with CA1

Tributary Storage Director has been fully tested and qualified with CA1 Tape Management in the z/OS mainframe environment. The Storage Director solution runs with all the standard functionality and features of CA1, because Storage Director fully emulates and runs as standard IBM tape library and VTL technology.  

The technology within Storage Director brings a scalable, flexible, and high-throughput solution to backup and restore operations in mainframe environments. Storage Director provides dynamic drive sharing, customer defined tape policies and a performance improvement over current backup methods. It’s unique ability to backup to local and remote sites, such as a second Storage Director or physical tape library provides DR and compliance options covering any corporate mandate.

When planning to deploy the Storage Director solution in a z/OS mainframe environment one of the first things that need to be done is to access the current environment and infrastructure. Storage Director can be sized to meet different customer requirements for storage size and performance. To ensure that the Storage Director product fits the needs of the target environment a focus on the current environment and consideration of the future growth projections and performance goals of the product is essential. The current storage requirements, data retention policies, and future growth projections will be the basis for sizing the solution. Additional cache can also be added at a later date giving the product the ability to expand to meet growing capacity demands.