TSI Blog, LTO 5 Availability

Tributary Systems announces the continued availability of LTO 5…..

LTO 5 allows NonStop customers to read older LTO 3 media!

Lowest cost per TB method of data storage for the NonStop server!

Tributary Systems, for nearly 20 years the OEM supplier of tape products for all HP NonStop Servers, along with our partners at NonStop, are pleased to announce the continued availability of LTO 5 Tape Devices for NonStop NS and NB systems running the H or J-Series operating systems.

The LTO 5 is available in three models:

  • M8701A Rack Mount 24 Cartridge ACL w/FC interface
  • M8702A Table Top 24 Cartridge ACL w/FC interface
  • M8705A Table Top Single Cartridge w/SAS interface

Important features the LTO 5 Tape Drives offer include:

  • Dependability: Sets high standards for data integrity and reliability with a simple and robust design based on inherently reliable Linear Tape Open (LTO) time proven technology.
  • High Capacity: Stores up to 3.0 TB per LTO 5 data cartridge assuming 2.0:1 compression, or 72 TB with the full 24 cartridge capacity of the M8701A/M8702A.
  • Reliability: Protects your data with a simple, high integrity, data path including read and write dynamic random access memory.
  • Security: Fully supports ESKM (Enterprise Secure Key Manager) versions 2.1 and 3.0.
  • Compatibility: LTO 5 drives read and write to LTO 5 and LTO 4 media, and read-only LTO 3 media.
  • Speed: Minimizes interruptions with high speed and data rate matching that squeezes optimal performance from your NonStop Server.
  • Low Cost: LTO 5 cartridges average $20 each, or $480 in media to completely populate the M8701A or M8702A ACL drives. There’s no lower cost method to store 72 TB of data, only $6.70 in media cost per TB!
  • RVU Requirements: H06.25/J06.14 or later

And remember, the LTO consortium of HP, IBM and Quantum has announced that this technology will continue at least through LTO 10, to be released sometime in the early 2020’s, so the tape path you’re on now will continue for years to come!

Contact your local HP NonStop Sales Representative to price and order LTO 5 Tape Drives, they are in stock and ready for shipment now.